Product Spotlight: Straps!


NOW IN STOCK! For larger gear, these simple, tough, 1-in. wide webbing Cinch Straps with polished aluminum thumb lock fasteners tightly cinch down loads up to 48” in circumference. Reflective tabs enhance visibility and safety. Built for the harshest environments and virtually indestructible, these multi-use Cinch Straps pair perfectly with Giant Loop’s Revelstoke Dry Bag and Armadillo Bags. They’re a cinch to use, and a problem solver on any adventure. We’ve even worn the Cinch Strap as a belt!


ROK Straps, the adventure gear packing problem solver! Far superior to bungies: stronger, safer, won’t scratch painted surfaces. 42″ or 60″ loop-end adjustable stretch straps with just enough stretch to create dynamic tension, ROK Straps are the most stable and secure way to attach a Tillamook Dry Bag or Rogue Dry Bag to Siskiyou Panniers or a tail rack. Essential kit for every adventure motorcyclist, providing the best option for heavier and bulkier loads.


Confidently put the squeeze on a spare inner tube, tools, water or other essential gear. Rubber Boa Straps take their name from a docile, worm-like snake, native to Oregon’s high desert, the most northerly of boa species, they kill prey by constriction. Rubber Boa Straps apply dynamic tension with stretch elastic shock cord and a simple locking slot, creating a dead-solid connection between plastic fenders and relatively small and lightweight gear, even in demanding off-road terrain…

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