More McLovin Moto Videos of The 2020 Annual GL Ride

Check out these amazing videos created by McLovin Moto (you can find Day 1 Part 1 here) about exploring Eastern Oregon on the 2020 Annual Giant Loop Ride

Adventure Riding On A 2017 Honda Africa Twin with a Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag

“We traveled 5 hours to stay at Crystal Crane Hot Springs. Giant Loop provided us with several GPS tracks to choose from for a weekend of riding. We got there a day early so we were able to explore more than one area. We continued our adventure down Cold Spring Road, which ends up cutting across the Steens Mountains and back over to the Steens Mountain Loop Rd. This section is rocky and dare I say technical. It was a workout on our big adventure bikes. We even get to cross another creek! This one bigger than the last one.”McLovin Moto

King Mountain Lookout!

“Our second track takes us to the King Mountain Lookout. It’s an old fire observation tower up in the mountains. This was an awesome day of riding through pine forest, more cow pastures, rutted and rocky roads and even some sandy sections. Come along as we explore more of Eastern Oregon on our adventure and dual sport bikes!”McLovin Moto

The Final Chapter — Adventure and Dual Sport Motorcycle Ride to King Mountain!

“This is the final video of my Annual Giant Loop Ride series. In the second half of day two we make it up to the King Mountain Lookout as it starts to rain. It rains all of about 11 days in this part of Eastern Oregon and it rained on us on Friday and Saturday. Once at the top there is an amazing near panoramic view down into the valley’s around King Mountain. This area of Oregon looks and feels huge! We all make it to the top of this rocky, rutted road to get to the views!”McLovin Moto

We are so stoked to see these — such great memories of the big event, our best yet…

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