Getting Radical on a KTM 790 With MoJavi and Klamath Bags

We love this photo featuring retired pro enduro racer and super nice guy, Rudy Poa of Karya Indah Motor riding his KTM 790 Adventure in Indonesia with a GL MoJavi Saddlebag and Klamath Tail Rack Pack

KTM 790 Adventure With MoJavi and Klamath Bags

“Rudy has been fantastic importer for Giant Loop and an advocate for the Giant Loop brand. We met in person a few years ago at the American International Motorcycle Exposition (AIM Expo) when GL was an exhibitor. Rudy and his buddies do the craziest, most extreme off-road riding I’ve seen anywhere in the world — full tropical rainforest stuff with mud up to the axels, sending bikes across rivers on zip lines, etc. Hardcore!”Harold Olaf Cecil, Owner Giant Loop

Thanks for the photo Rudy…

Go light. Go fast. Go far — and keep going!

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