Dateline: East Africa

Check out this great testimonial from a rider traveling way off-road in East Africa with a Coyote Saddlebag and Zigzag Handlebar Bag on a Husaberg

“As you know, I bought a bunch of GL gear and passed some along my biking friends. We just got home from a trip through Kenya’s Great Rift Valley — from Lake Natron on the Tanzanian border to Lake Turkana on the border with Ethiopia. The trip was predominantly off-road. We carried all our own camping equipment and camped wherever we got to that day…

 “Your Giant Loop products are simply in a league of their own when it comes to riding off-road. There is now a rule: if anyone wants to join me on one of my rides, ‘You ain’t coming unless you have Giant Loop luggage!’ Well done on making such good quality gear.” — Andrew Doig, East Africa

Thanks for the kind words and the excellent photos Andrew — keep us updated, we’d love to see more!

Adventure proof packing systems and gear, designed in Bend, Oregon. Ridden worldwide

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