Benvenuto Federico!

By May 27, 2020May 28th, 2020Blog, Events, News, Photos, Riders, travel, Yamaha

Our dear friend and new Giant Loop Ambassador Federico Tondelli has been on the team for a very long time. GL’s first trip to the huge EICMA Motorcycle show in Milano was in 2011. We had never been in the show, never been to Italy. We don’t speak any Italian. We needed a motorcycle for display in our stand in the USA Pavilion, so I started posting online that we needed a bike parked in our stand for a few days…

Out of the blue, Federico contacts us and offers to let Giant Loop take delivery of his new Yamaha Super Tenere at the show – all we had to do was roll it from the Yamaha stand to ours! We were blown away by Fede’s kindness and willingness to help. 

Since then, he has helped us in countless other ways. Last year, during the off-season for MotoGP (he is now the press manager for the Suzuki team), Federico rode in South America with GL gear and took a ton of beautiful photos.

Here’s shot of dinner from our 2013 trip to EICMA. That’s Fede (second from left) enjoying plate-sized Milanesa at a classic Lombardy restaurant in Milano…

“Dear Harold, I spent the whole morning to find some proper words to express how much honored and proud I am to read these beautiful words that you wrote for me, but I couldn’t. So please allow me to just say: THANK YOU. Giant Loop has a very special place in my heart. Not only as a brand, but also as the people like you who I consider a true friend besides and before any ‘business’. My trip in Patagonia has been a true life-changer for me and proved once again how much the GL’s products are well thought, well engineered and well done. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” — Fede

Federico has shared the truest Italian hospitality with us for many years, and has been a steadfast friend and ally for Giant Loop throughout most of our history as a company. Grande Fede!