Pro Mountain Biker Rad Ross Schnell Rips Baja with Giant Loop Saddlebag on KTM 530 EXC

By January 25, 2010August 13th, 2013Riders

Shortly after we launched Giant Loop in the fall of 2008, pro mountain biker Rad Ross Schnell was one of our first customers. When his Giant Loop Saddlebag arrived, he almost immediately strapped it to his KTM 530 EXC and rode the full length of Baja California. This feature article, ?Rad Ross Schnell: All-American Badass,? appeared in Bike magazine last year. Yet another mountain bike/motorcycling crossover ? people who care about weight and performance are the first to embrace our ?go light, go fast? approach to motorcycle touring. -hoc

?The trip was RAD! That?s the first serious moto tour I?ve ever done and can definitely say that I?ll be doing it again. The saddlebag worked awesome!! It was such a good size and was such a simple setup. Thanks again for all the help and quick shipment, it was definitely the setup!? ? Ross

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