Giant Loop Rider: Keith Larkin Rides Trans Canada Trail on Yamaha WR250R with Great Basin and Great Basin Dry Bag

By July 15, 2013July 17th, 2013Riders

Keith Larkin, owner of White’s Powersports, our New Zealand Distributor, wrote in to tell us about his TransCanada ride, with a Great Basin mounted on a WR250R.

“Hi guys, everything going well here.
Finished the 600 km T Rail yesterday – what a ride! More like a trail ride in parts as against adv ride, but a hoot on 250’s!

The pic is an old rail car by the trail.

We have both tested the bark busters Matt – yep work as good a ever!

Harold I have done a bit if this long distance adv riding, and luggage has always been a ball ache . Giant Loop is fantastic for this stuff, tough, amazingly easy to use , and great balance on bike. A no brainier.

Scott No Toil filters in and working to the usual quality and convenience.

Today is a road blast up to the ferry for Labrador and some serious wilderness.
The SPOT is working well from the accounts I have.

Thanks again for your help guys.

Thank you Keith, for sending us the great update about your ride on the Trans Canada Trail.
Keith also has a parts and accessory website for New Zealand customers.

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