Giant Loop Review: Rider Magazine Tests Coyote Saddlebag, Diablo Tank Bag, Coyote Dry Bag in Gear Lab

By January 12, 2012August 13th, 2013Reviews

Stoked to have rider, author and photographer Clement Salvadori put Giant Loop’s Coyote Saddlebag, Diablo Tank Bag and Coyote Dry Bag to the test for Rider Magazine’s Gear Lab in the February 2012 issue! Although he couldn’t convince Rider to send him to North Africa for his testing, dang it, Clem logged some miles in Southern California on his trusty Suzuki DR650 and got inspired to take a Mojave Desert trip.

“The nicest thing about the 30-liter Coyote bag is that it is built like a passenger with legs, half a torso and no head. It sits on the very back of the pillion seat, or fender, whatever gives the rider all the room he or she needs to move around.”

“The Diablo tankbag is a small bag, only four liters, but when I’m “roughing” it, I do not want a large bag in front of me.”

“I also included a Coyote Dry Bag, a simple waterproof bag (yellow only) that attaches to the back of the saddlebag with compression straps.”

“Now I’ve got 46 liters to fill up. I’ve been abusing the Giant Loop set-up for quite a while now, and everything stays in place.”

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