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The Diablo delivers six liters of rider-friendly on-bike storage by following Giant Loop’s strict design objectives to build minimalist, slim and trim tank bags that seamlessly integrate with the motorcycle. Even when standing on the footpegs while riding off-road, the Diablo never gets in the way thanks to its unique size, shape, and mounting position behind the gas cap using our secure universal harness mounting system.

Fuel fills are a breeze with the Diablo: unzip the tank bag from the harness for quick and easy fuel access. Add to that, electronics pass-throughs integrated throughout each compartment, a full-length interior lining with hook-and-loop-accepting fabric compatible with many camera bag dividers, and included waterproof Giant Loop Tank Bag Dry Pod; the result is a bulletproof adventure-ready tank bag.

NOTE: Default Pannier Pockets color is the same as the selected Diablo Tank Bag color. Please add a note to your order if you prefer to mix colors.


“There are so many little details that I appreciate more things about this bag every time I use it. Even the harness zipper has a little holder, so it doesn’t unzip itself while riding the bumpy stuff. And it’s made in the USA!”

Samson Hatae,


The Diablo Tank Bag’s universal design fits virtually any dirt bike, snow bike, enduro, dual sport, adventure, or street motorcycle make and model.

With its three-point mounting system, the Diablo harness attaches with webbing straps on both sides of the motorcycle and around the steering tube. Strap tails can be tucked away under elastic loops on the harness.

Giant Loop recommends using Vinyl Protective Film where tank bag makes direct contact with body panels and plastics to protect surfaces against scuffing or marks.


  • Volume 6 liters (370 cubic inches).
  • DimensionsTank Bag: Rear height 6.5″ (17 cm), Front height 3.5″ (9 cm), 8″ W x 12” L (20 cm W x 30 cm L).
    Map Pocket: 7″ wide x 9″ long (18 cm W x 23 cm L).
    Harness: 8.5″ W x 12″ L (22 cm W x 30 cm L).
  • Weight 1 lb. 14 oz. (0.9 kg.)
  • Materials Rugged Bomb Shell™ coated fabric construction with sewn seams, reflective trim, and rugged fasteners including YKK zippers, nylon webbing, and Duraflex buckles.

Giant Loop’s 6-liter Diablo Tank Bag delivers rider-friendly features similar to its larger counterpart, the 8-liter Fandango while maintaining a minimalist, slim and trim design. Even when standing on the footpegs and riding off-road, the Diablo never gets in the way, thanks to its compact design.

The Diablo fits virtually any dirt bike, snow bike, enduro, dual sport, adventure, or street motorcycle because of its versatile, universal harness mounting system that straps to the frame. The bag can be partially unzipped from the harness to access fuel fill or completely removed and carried by the handle.

Photographers love the Diablo tank bag because of its interior lining with hook-and-loop-accepting fabric compatible with many camera bag dividers and because of the ease-of-access to the bag while seated on the motorcycle.

Combine the Diablo with Giant Loop Pannier Pockets™ and Zigzag Handlebar Bag™ for even more on-the-trail storage volume.

Includes Giant Loop’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Upgrades and Accessories

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  • Zigzag Handlebar Bag™


4 reviews for Diablo Tank Bag™ – FLASH SALE 20% OFF!

  1. harold

    “The best hard-core saddlebag and tank-bag solution we’ve found is from Giant Loop. Coyote 39-liter saddlebags ( attach securely without using heavy metal racks and come with heat shields to protect from the hot muffler. Capacity is huge, and three waterproof liner bags are included. Diablo Pro Tank Bag adds 4 liters up front and has a clear map pocket with a power cord inlet for devices. Zippered base has a fuel-cap cutout, meaning the bag can flip out of the way for easy refueling. There are cheaper solutions to carrying stuff, but these American-made pieces have been over mountains and across deserts with no issues.”
    — ADV Lite, Cycle World Magazine, November 2015

  2. Ian Turnbull

    This is the perfect size for me as I do not want to be tempted to load up the tank bag. I have made a few improvements. I have velcrowed some reflective strips to the inside sides. These I use as pockets for containing small items. I have also applied velcro to the back of my compass and earphone case, so I always know where these are. I have a carabiner attached to the Giant Loop tag in the lid and this is great for securing my keys to when I am not using them. I find the zips that secure the bag to the harness a bit tricky at times, so I added a parra-cord pull to each side to help me tension the harness part of the zip when zipping up. I have not needed to use the dry bag that they come with, even in a Thunderstorm with high winds it remained dry. The harness is great and makes sure the tank bag remains firmly attached to the bike. All the materials and build quality are excellent and robust.

  3. Jackson

    The toughest tank bag on the market in my eyes! For a 4 litre bag, you can fit a ton of gear in it. I’ve put the tank bag through hell from rain, mud and just keeps performing. Having the cut out for fuelling is a no brainer just makes filling up so much easier than trying to find clips on other brands when you take it off. My combination of the Diablo tank bag, the O.G Great Basin with the zip, and two possibles pouches is the perfect setup for me. Build quilty is amazing from Giant Loop! Go Light, Go Fast, Go Far!

  4. William Browne

    Incredible build quality on this thing! Fits perfect on my WR250R, nice looking, love the flip up to gas feature.

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