This week Giant Loop presents a field test to see just how much motorcycle camping gear you can get in our Round The World Panniers

Giant Loop Round The World Panniers are one of the biggest and best adventure bike soft luggage options out there. With 90-plus liters of carrying capacity, it’s beyond easy to bring your complete motocamping kit — and a few luxuries to boot! 

Round The World Panniers combine rack-mounted convenience with the benefits of soft luggage for long haul adventure motorcycle travelers. Waterproof, lightweight, super stable and built to take the punishment of off-road riding, RTW Panniers weigh just 10.4 pounds (less than 15 lbs. when used with GL Pannier Mounts, sold separately). Additional gear can be secured to outside of the panniers and two huge pockets provide easy access to your essentials. RTW Panniers include two waterproof inner liner Dry Pods. Panniers can be locked to luggage racks with quick-release Pannier Mounts…

“In this video, I’ll walk you through all the gear I store in these adventure bike soft panniers. I’m not a minimalist by any stretch but I can still manage to quickly and easily get all my moto camping gear and then some into these soft panniers.”Ben, Giant Loop

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