The 2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America is one of the hottest new adventure motorcycles this year. At Giant Loop we’ve been engineering the perfect matchups of our soft luggage and the H-D PA. As an example of how you can use our luggage for the H-D PA, GL founder and owner Harold Olaf Cecil walks you through just how quickly and easily our  Tillamook Dry Bag mounts directly to the OEM side case mounts…

“Check out how quickly and easily this dry bag mounts up to the new Pan America, giving you an additional 48 liters of waterproof soft bag storage, enough to fit your entire overnight setup on top of your motorcycle. This HD Pan America soft luggage setup will even work with your OEM Pan America panniers!” — Harold Olaf Cecil 

Giant Loop is always ready for adventure. We create adventure proof packing systems and gear for those who love to ride lighter, faster and farther. Rugged soft luggage and motorcycle gear designed and built by riders for the long haul — expanding horizons everywhere!

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