Video: Giant Loop Snow Waterproof Tunnel Bags & Gear Anchor System for Snowmobiles & Snow Bikes

Here’s a quick look at the most complete fender-to-fender gear system designed for snow bikes – like Timbersled, Yeti Snow MX, Camso and MotoTraxx. Giant Loop’s waterproof Torngat Tunnel Bag for snowmobiles and snow bikes includes a integrated anchor straps, stainless steel mounts and hardware – a complete gear packing solution for winter adventure. Lightweight, super rugged and stable for hard on- and off-piste riding, Joshua Cole, guide and owner at North Cascades Mountain Guides wrote in Off-Piste magazine that “. . . the Giant Loop system is the slickest, cleanest and simplest plug and play system I’ve found for carrying gear on my snowmobile.”

Check out Giant Loop Snow’s gear for snow bikes, snowmobiles and winter backcountry adventure!

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