Ride North Moto

This amazing video, “Ice Road Bikers” was recently featured in the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival. Giant Loop has been a sponsor of this fundraising ride since Mike Haberoth in Alberta started it a few years ago…

“2020 has turned into somewhat of an unorganized hot mess of planned adventures, cancelled plans and lack of direction. With uncertainty of pretty much everything these days, hopefully everyone will enjoy the video from last years Ride North Moto event which went off flawlessly and blew the doors off our expectations, due to the support team, riders that made the trek, Blake’s film skills and mother nature taking pity on us with unseasonably warm weather. Moving forward we have our fingers crossed to do a few more rides this year and keep building towards making these trips a sought after adventure for the wild few that dare to take it on.” — Mike Haberoth, Ride North Moto

Amazing short guys — great work!

For more info and details go to the Ride North Moto webpage

Go light. Go fast. Go far!

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