MotoPressor Puncture Repair Tool

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The MotoPressor Puncture Repair Tool combines the four tools essential for tubeless tire repair into a single compact, lightweight tool.  Pair with MotoPressor Pocket Pump, Motion Pro Combo Tire Levers and Adaptors and spare inner tube for a comprehensive tube-type and tubeless motorcycle tire repair solution that packs into a waterproof Possibles Pouch.

MotoPressor Puncture Repair Plugs ( set of 5 )

Designed by riders for riders, Rocky Creek’s MotoPressor Puncture Repair Tool combines four tools into one compact, lightweight tool that packs into a sheath  small enough to fit in your pocket. The motorcycle tire puncture repair tool contains pliers, rasp, insertion tool and a sharp knife — everything needed to fix 99% of punctures in tubeless tires. Pre-vulcanized repair strings eliminate the need to pack the “little tube of glue.” The repair plugs the hole AND leaves a “patch style” repair on the INSIDE of your tubeless motorcycle tire.

Contents: Sheath, pliers, reaming tool, insertion tool, knife, 5 x tire repair strings, sheath
Dimensions: 130mm x 68mm x 50mm
Weight: 15 oz


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