Happy-Trails Pannier Mount Kit

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Happy-Trails Pannier Mount Kit

Product Description

Happy-Trails Pannier Mount Kits make it a cinch to mount your Round The World Panniers a wide variety of side luggage racks with flat, vertical sides, including Happy Trails own adventure tested racks, made right here in the Pacific Northwest. Happy-Trails Pannier Mount Kits also enable quick and easy detachment and re-mounting, so you can take your Round The World Panniers with you at the end of your day on a happy trail.

Happy-Trails Pannier Mount Kits consists of four pucks for each Round The World Pannier (total of 8). The bottom 2 pucks on each pannier hold the shear weight of the pannier and are semi-permanently attached with hex head bolts. The upper 2 pucks on each pannier are the clamping force that holds the pannier to the side rack. They are tightened with a knob (hex head bolts also included) … a quick couple of turns and the puck is loose enough to rotate and turn down to remove the pannier… no tools needed.

MK750-A mounts cases to racks built with 3/4″(.750″ or 19.05 mm) tubing.

MK710-A mounts cases to the BMW R1200GSA and KTM LC8 stock racks and other racks built with .710″ (18.034 mm) tubing.

MK625-A mounts cases to any Happy-Trail SU Racks, Northwest or SL racks (or other racks) built with 5/8″ (.625″ or 15.875 mm) tubing.

MK625-A-SWM add-on kit is available with the MK625-A in order to mount cases to the SW-Motech EVO system racks built with .615″ flat tubing.

Happy Trails pucks are compatible with SW-Motech EVO system racks. Measure the thickness of the loop on the rack and order according to the guidelines above.

Note: Happy Trails puck system now employs hex head bolts instead of allen head.

All Happy Trails products are crafted in Boise, Idaho, USA.

Specs & Features

Each Happy Trails Pannier Mount Kit comes with:

  • 4–heavy duty plastic knobs
  • 8–Aluminum Pucks
  • 8–5/16ths flat fender washers
  • 8–M8X20 Hex Head Bolts

Instructions & Video

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