Product Spotlight: Giant Loop Buckin’ Roll, Diablo and Fandango Tank Bags

Giant Loop Tank Bags are the perfect companion for weekend rides or overlanding. All our Tank Bags are designed with rider-inspired benefits and super fresh aesthetics in mind…

The Giant Loop Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag

Our Buckin’ Roll is slim, trim and minimalist! Designed to keep essentials close at hand while out of the way when riding the most technical singletrack. This easy-to-mount tank bag features fully welded construction with waterproof coated materials and provides 1.5 liters of packable volume for carrying a smartphone, wallet, snacks, smaller tools, or an extra pair of gloves…

The Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag has a universal design that fits almost any dirt bike, snow bike, enduro, dual sport, adventure, or street motorcycle make and model, offering a better fit than conventional tank bag designs, especially motorcycles with steep seat fronts or tall fuel fills. For those searching for the perfect tank bag for aggressive trail riding where quick, easy access to items is a priority, the Buckin’ Roll is the ideal choice.

“I really like the Giant Loop Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag. It puts essentials at my fingertips, it’s super secure and doesn’t get in my way anywhere.” — Bryan Bosch,

The Giant Loop Diablo Tank Bag

Our Diablo Bag delivers! The Diablo’s universal design fits virtually any dirt bike, snow bike, enduro, dual sport, adventure, or street motorcycle make and model. Six liters of rider-friendly on-bike storage by following Giant Loop’s strict design objectives to build minimalist, slim and trim tank bags that seamlessly integrate with the motorcycle. Even when standing on the footpegs while riding off-road, the Diablo never gets in the way thanks to its unique size, shape, and mounting position behind the gas cap using our secure universal harness mounting system…

Fuel fills are a breeze with the Diablo: unzip the tank bag from the harness for quick and easy fuel access. Add to that, electronics pass-throughs integrated throughout each compartment, a full-length interior lining with hook-and-loop-accepting fabric compatible with many camera bag dividers, and included waterproof Giant Loop Tank Bag Dry Pod; the result is a bulletproof adventure-ready tank bag.

“There are so many little details that I appreciate more things about this bag every time I use it. Even the harness zipper has a little holder, so it doesn’t unzip itself while riding the bumpy stuff. And it’s made in the USA!” — Samson Hatae,

The Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag

Our Fandango provides easy access to fuel, room enough to pack gear for a day trip or a long-haul journey. The Fandango Tank Bag’s universal design fits virtually any dirt bike, snow bike, enduro, dual sport, adventure, or street motorcycle and is loaded with rider-friendly features similar to its smaller Diablo counterpart. With its larger capacity, the Fandango provides riders a convenient way to carry larger items such as a DSLR camera, rain gear, first-aid kit, and more…

With a movable interior divider with elastic organizers and tire pressure gauge holder, fully lined hook-and-loop-accepting interior fabric and exterior mesh pocket, the Fandango provides an abundance of packing options so everything stays organized and in place. And if the weather turns bad, we include a waterproof Tank Bag Dry Pod to prevent moisture from reaching sensitive gear.

“Tank bags come in all kinds of sizes and different mounting systems, but many of them aren’t designed for Dual Sport and Adventure bikes and the punishing they will receive. Giant Loop’s Fandango tank bag was made specifically for these bikes and works extremely well.” —

GL highly recommends using our Vinyl Protective Film to protect surfaces against scuffing or marks where tank bag makes direct contact with body panels and plastics…

Keep an eye out for upcoming specials on Giant Loop Tank Bags!

Giant Loop’s full selection of adventure motorcycle luggage, soft saddle bags, dual sport bags, ADV and dual sport tank bags, dual sport and ADV tail bags, dual sport/adventure motorcycle soft panniers and more is sure to include exactly the solution to suit your motorcycle soft luggage needs. All GL luggage is backed by our limited lifetime warranty and painstakingly designed and tested by real-world dual sport and adventure motorcycle riders…

Giant Loop is distributed in the USA by Tucker Powersports and Western Power Sports. In Canada, by Parts Canada. In Australia and New Zealand by Whites Powersports. Additionally, the brand is carried by a network of dealers throughout the USA and flagship importers around the world!

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