Product Focus: GL Rackless Saddlebags

GBSB17-RT-O Great Basin Saddlebag Roll Top Orange


The Great Basin is Giant Loop’s largest capacity rackless saddlebag that allows one to carry up to 68 liters of gear on virtually any motorcycle where the passenger usually sits. The Great Basin fits virtually any sport, sport-touring, scrambler, standard, naked, adventure touring, or dual-sport motorcycle with a passenger seat and passenger footpegs. Because of its biomorphic design, the Great Basin Saddlebag emulates the human form by straddling the passenger seat in a vertical position, similar to how a passenger would sit. This positions the weight around the subframe to eliminate stress on the motorcycle.

Three seam-sealed waterproof inner liner dry bags (with air purge valves) keep gear organized and dry. Dry bags can be removed leaving the saddlebag attached to the motorcycle. And with Giant Loop’s adventure proof packing system, you can expand your carrying capacity by adding a Fandango Tank Bag, double-ended Tillamook Dry Bag or two Possibles Pouches. No matter what setup you choose, the Great Basin Saddlebag is designed to allow you to go light, go fast, and go far. When not in use, simply unstrap and remove the saddlebag to return your bike to its stock setup…CSB17-RT-O Coyote Saddlebag Roll Top Orange


The rackless motorcycle saddlebag of choice for hardcore off-road expeditions! As Giant Loop’s original flagship rackless saddlebag design, the Coyote is the current version of our original. The Coyote mounts to the rear fender or tail rack of virtually any dirt bike, dual-sport, or enduro motorcycle—no passenger pegs required. Carry up to 39 liters of essential gear without interfering with riding ability even on technical singletrack, steep hill climbs or other rough terrain.

Lightweight Bomb Shell construction and materials mean the Coyote is built for long-term durability. It includes three RF-welded waterproof inner liner Saddlebag Dry Pods. Giant Loop’s adventure proof packing system allows the Coyote to be expanded for enhanced storage and accessibility by adding a Rogue Dry Bag, Possibles Pouch or Tank Bag. Now even faster and easier to install and remove with an included 25-inch Pronghorn Strap…

MoJavi Saddlebag in orange by Giant LoopMOJAVI SADDLEBAG

The MoJavi is a rackless saddlebag designed to carry the essentials on aggressive off-road rides where keeping your gear firmly in place while at speed is essential. It is ideal for carrying save-a-ride necessities on day trips or trail rides. Take a load off and improve rider endurance and comfort by transferring weight from a backpack to your motorcycle with the rackless MoJavi Saddlebag Motorcycle Luggage System.

The MoJavi fits a vast array of motorcycles, including dirt bikes, dual-sport, adventure touring, scrambler, supermoto, standard, and sport models and mounts behind the seat directly to the fender, GL Tail Rack or according to one’s personal preference. Now even faster and easier to install and remove with an included 25-inch Pronghorn Strap. Adventure Proof, sewn construction uses rugged materials and resists water, mud, snow and dust. Straps on and stays on—no matter what…

Giant Loop gear is designed by riders and built to get you where you want to go. We make rugged soft luggage and motorcycle gear, expanding the horizons for those who love to ride lighter, faster and farther…


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