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Meet GL Ambassador Anna Baklund

For someone who started riding motorcycles just a few short years ago, Anna Baklund has already made a significant mark in the motorcycle world. Her infectious enthusiasm for trail, dual sport and snow bike riding, as well as her commitment to responsible riding, trail work and advocacy, have earned her ambassador positions with Giant Loop, Twisted Throttle and Klim. The classic weekend warrior, Anna works in the construction industry and spends nearly every weekend out riding and exploring the Pacific Northwest…

“My life changed when I was 24. Up until then, I hadn’t spent very much time outdoors. My favorite part about motorcycling is still the same part that got me hooked in the first place: getting deep into the mountains. Advocating for responsible trail use as been a theme in my social media stories as well as my posts. I’m hoping to continue that conversation with folks and spread that message so that we can continue to enjoy trails 50 years from now.” — Anna Baklund

Read Anna’s Twisted Throttle, listen to her interviewed on the Bend Motorcycle Adventures Podcast and follow her on Instagram

Thank you Anna for being part of the GL global family of riders!

Go light. Go fast. Go far…