GL’s New Revelstoke Dry Bag Reviewed by Backcountry Adv Motorsports

Adventure ready. Slick design. Minimal weight. Our new Revelstoke Dry Bag is going places — light, fast and far! Here’s a post on @backcountryadvmotorsports of our Revelstoke on a Honda Africa Twin

“The NEW version of the Giant Loop Revelstoke Dry Bag, although originally designed as a tunnel bag for snowmobiles and snow bikes, also works awesome as a tail bag on your ADV or DS. The bag is also equipped with daisy chain webbing, allowing you to attach a GL Possibles Pouch or other MOLLE style attachment. Pair this with a set of Pronghorn Straps, this 100% waterproof bag can be mounted virtually anywhere.”Backcountry Adv Motorsports

Thanks for the kind words…

The new Revelstoke Dry Bag is in stock and shipping now!

Adventure proof packing systems and gear — designed in Bend, Oregon. Ridden worldwide

Go light. Go fast. Go far!

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