GL ZigZag, Possibles Pouch and MotoTrekk Panniers Reviewed on Web Bike World

Check out these great product reviews from Web Bike World of Giant Loop ZigZag Handlebar Bag, Possibles Pouch, MotoTrekk Panniers and Pannier Mounts. Take a look at the excellent photos in each review that include some very creative mounting for all the products…

Giant Loop Pannier Mounts & MotoTrekk Panniers

The Giant Loop Pannier Mount kit and MotoTrekk Panniers are a real deal combination, in keeping with Giant Loop’s “go light, go fast, go far” mantra. The lightweight plates feature adjustable mounts including the top quick connect component that also has an integrated lock for security. Compatible with a long list of tube-based side frame kits on the market, adding the GL GS ADV Adapterkit adds the BMW Motorrad ADV pannier frames to that long listing. The MotoTrekk 25L per side panniers are rugged, very packable, and absolutely waterproof with four sets of adjustable compression straps for mounting, compression, and continued load security. With the GL Hot Springs Heat Shield or similar product installed for clearance the panniers will fit directly to side frames but are far better and easier to use with the pannier mounts. Priced competitively, the kits reflect years of design and testing, user experience, and rider inspiration. They are well worth the investment…” Web Bike World

Giant Loop Possibles Pouches

The Giant Loop Possibles Pouch drybags are right sized for a whole whack of applications and provide a sturdy waterproof housing when properly rolled and maintained. Whether used for tools or related support items, water/drink or fuel containers or other packable and essential gear they truly have endless possibilities regarding how they are mounted, fitted, or carried; there is even a fender mount version. And the distinctive First Aid (FA) marked Possibles Pouch, once packed with first aid essentials is never left behind. A truly valuable drybag usable for motorcycling or other powersports activities, walking, hiking, camping or whatever. And for the $50.00 USD investment, the return should be huge…” — Web Bike World

 Giant Loop ZigZag Handlebar Bag 

“The Giant Loop ZigZag Handlebar Bag fits on to almost anything, anywhere, even a crossbar on the handlebars – imagine that! Small with 1.5L of usable space, intuitive and very functional mounting layouts and large main full access zipper, and smaller zippered inner mesh pocket. The ZigZag is one of those pieces of gear you’ll buy and then end up wondering why it took you so long – mea culpa…” — Web Bike World

Giant Loop’s full selection of adventure motorcycle luggage, soft saddle bags, dual sport bags, ADV and dual sport tank bags, dual sport and ADV tail bags, dual sport/adventure motorcycle soft panniers and more is sure to include exactly the solution to suit your motorcycle soft luggage needs. All GL luggage is backed by our limited lifetime warranty and painstakingly designed and tested by real-world dual sport and adventure motorcycle riders…

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