GL Gas Bags Take a Baja Surf Adventure

By February 20, 2021March 22nd, 2021Adventure Touring, Camping, Fuel, Giant Loop Gear, Overland, Photos, Reviews, Surf Trip, travel

Our buddy, soul surfer Mike from Encinitas, CA sent us these photos taken on his recent overland surfing expedition to Baja with two Giant Loop collapsible 5 Gallon Gas Bags strapped to the roof rack…

“The Giant Loop Gas Bags were fantastic. When space is at a premium, I can’t afford to be waste one square inch with standard gas cans. The GL Gas Bags allow the flexibility to carry fuel when I need it and stow the bags away when I don’t. By the time we pull in to camp, I’m down to half a tank — which if you do the math means I might not make it back out. Not a lot around but coyotes and vultures! That’s why the ten extra gallons is a must. Really stoked on these!” — Mike H.

Double shaka! Thanks for the kind words and excellent photos Mike, hope you caught some waves!

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