Giant Loop Pannier Mounts Compatible With Jesse Luggage

By April 13, 2022FAQ, Saddlebags, Tech Tips

Are GL Pannier Mounts compatible with Jesse Luggage racks? Yes, by installing the GSA Adapter Kit on the exhaust side, Giant Loop’s Pannier Mounts fit the Jesse Luggage racks perfectly! Thanks to customer Greg for helping confirm!

“I ordered your Around The World Saddlebags, bag mounts and the BMW GS Adventure rack adapter blocks from Rezilla for my 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure R. I have the Jesse Pannier Mounting Racks on my bike. And I wanted to let you know that your bag mounts and rack adapter blocks worked perfectly on the Jesse racks. See attached photos.
Thanks!” — Greg T.

Thank you to everyone who sends us photos and videos. Giant Loop is always ready for adventure and we love the great rider photos we receive from all over the world. Reach out, drop us a line — always a thrill to see GL in action!

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