Giant Loop MotoTrekk Panniers Reviewed by RoadRUNNER

Check out this review of Giant Loop MotoTrekk Panniers by Yuval Naveh at RoadRUNNER magazine…

“For almost a decade I’ve been using hard panniers on different adventure motorcycles. They provided a secure storage space that was easy and quick to mount and dismount. As I moved deeper into the world of off-road adventures and eventually dual sport, I added a Husqvarna 701 Enduro to the stable. A very troubling and realistic concern then became quite evident: If I drop the bike, then the rigid metal boxes may crash on me and possibly break something in my body. This is where soft panniers came in…”

“I tested the system on a 1,000-mile adventure trip, of which 450 miles were off-road. MotoTrekk performed flawlessly and gave me the assurance that my gear is always protected from the elements. The bags are only 6 pounds when empty, and they’re also slim, so I didn’t have the wide and heavy feeling I’m used to with hard panniers. Most importantly, I had peace of mind that even if I dropped the bike, those panniers were going to absorb most of the impact due to their soft construction as well as the clothes and other gear stored inside them that function as a cushion…”

“I attached four Giant Loop Possibles 3.5-liter pouches, optional add-ons for an additional cost, to the front and back of the panniers using specifically designated straps; that provided an extra 14 liters of volume, for an impressive total of 64 liters! Giant Loop also offers the GL Pannier mounting plates as an additional option. The plates enable a quick disconnect to a side rack and therefore require the rider to strap in the panniers just once, which can be very convenient. But they do add weight and cost. The plates need adapters to be bolted to the side rack…”

“I’m very happy with the solution and highly recommend it to any adventure rider who goes off-road, but in fact it has a lot of value for road touring due to its low weight and narrow profile.” Yuval Naveh (7.23.19)

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