Fitting a Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag onto the Harley Davidson Pan America

Local Bend, Oregon Giant Loop customer and Harley Davidson Pan America rider Rick J. removed the grab handles on his bike and installed two pieces of off-the-shelf hardware for a nice, clean Great Basin Saddlebags fit! This would also work for Coyote and MoJavi Saddlebags…

“I was thinking about the fitment issue of the smaller bags on the Pan America. It’s not very difficult to remove the OEM grab rail so I recently did a little experiment with that. This is how the Great Basin looks without the grab rail. The only trick is having a good place to attach the straps at the rear. Fortunately there is a threaded boss (M8) at the rear of the sub frame that can be used for mounting a tab. I just used something I had laying around for this test.” — Rick, Bend, Oregon

Thanks for the photos and insights Rick!

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