BMW 850 Adventure with a Giant Loop Diablo Tank Bag

Check out these great photos of the Giant Loop Diablo Tank Bag in action…

“Hi Giant Loop folks, FIRST OFF, please let me tell you I’m a BIG FAN of your equipment and own and use many pieces of it personally. Also, I’m a Brand Ambassador and Ride Leader for BMW up here in British Columbia and lead both day trip and overnight rides (and give packing seminars) for one of their biggest western Canadian retailer (Highroad Motorsports). Then let me add that I’ve used your Diablo tank bag for YEARS and absolutely loved it. I also have and use both a Tillamook and Rogue dry bags for my tent and other gear and use both of these on all my overnight trips.

Anyway, as I started with, I’m a HUGE FAN and have recommended this bag and your other bags to many riders just getting into new moto’s and both day and overnight adventures. Keep on making great bags, and YES, we will all keep buying them. I really do appreciate your excellent customer service. This is exactly why I recommend your product to everyone I speak to about gear while out on rides or while doing seminars. Have a great day!” — Pete S.

I am also the presenter at a seminar at our local BMW dealership next week called “What and How to Pack for a multiday adventure ride” and your Giantloop tank bag will be ON my moto and loaded up for this talk… and you can be SURE I’ll be talking about how great they work and the fantastic company customer service. Cheers!” –Pete S.

Thanks for the kind words Pete — and thank you for riding with Giant Loop!

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