Time to prep for snow! Giant Loop Bags are designed to ride with snowmobiles and snow bikes too. Check out this video that shows how we’re packing gear on our KTM Timbersled Snow Bike — and getting set to rip some pow!

With all of Giant Loop’s 100% waterproof, snow proof gear — we’re able to protect our essentials in stable, rugged, organized and easily accessible compartments…

Tools go in the Possibles Pouch, which mounts to the bike frame. Survival gear packs into the Revelstoke Tunnel Bag, strapped to the Timbersled with Pronghorn Straps. Extra fuel is stored in the Gas Bag and secured to the Tunnel with GL’s Anchor Strap Kit. Snacks, phone, keys and other stuff fits in the Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag — while insurance and registration, sunscreen and other small items go in the Zigzag Handlebar Bag. And remember — this setup is just one of the excellent Giant Loop options for snow bikes!

Giant Loop adventure-proof packing systems and gear — designed by riders in Bend, Oregon. Proven worldwide

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