The famous ZigZag Handlebar Bag is Giant Loop’s “Glove Box for Your Motorcycle” — named for the scenic ZigZag River near Oregon’s Mt. Hood, GL ZigZag is a perfect glove box for your motorcycle. Sometimes you only need the barebones basics: wallet, phone, registration or other small items and the ZigZag Handlebar Bag is designed to give you ample space for these things and more, taking up virtually zero space on your motorcycle…

The ZigZag is just 10.5 inches wide, 4 inches tall, and 2.5 inches deep and gives you a full 1.5 liters of storage.  Constructed out of our super tough trucker’s tarp Bomb Shell material and ballistic nylon. It features an interior mesh zippered pocket to help with organization and installs quickly and easily with both hook and loop straps and a pair of webbing straps with buckles to ensure that bag stays on no matter how rough the terrain might get…

“This versatile bag fits any set of handlebars but you don’t need bars to use it. The Zigzag can also be mounted in a variety of other locations, including snowmobile bumpers, motorcycle subframes, passenger handles and more, and it can also be strapped to a backpack. You can even run your belt through it and wear it as a fanny pack! With the ZigZag bag, the only limit is your imagination.” — Ben, Giant Loop

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