If this doesn’t get you blood pumping. Amazing teaser by David Darcy of Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV who went across the northern part of Australia, fully equipped with Giant Loop gear. No better use for our products than real life extreme adventures like this one! 

“A taste of the soon to be released Tropical Punch Motorcycle Adventure series.  Nugget and Dave of Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV take two Husqvarna 701s and hook up with Woody, Ellyse and Squid of Ellwood Motorcycle Adventures, firstly on a tour from Cairns to Darwin and then with them whilst they explore the majestic Kimberleys of Western Australia. The series commences 8pm AEST Sunday 27 June!”  — Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV

Look for lots more fantastic videos on MAD TV’s YouTube channel!

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