Video: The Most Remote Backcountry Discovery Route Ever

By February 5, 2022February 7th, 2022Adventure Touring, ATV, Giant Loop Gear, News

New Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Route is available now. Giant Loop is a sponsor of the non-profit BDR organization that creates off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel. Check out the trailer for the movie about the new route — “A Thousand Mile Adventure On The Most Remote BDR Ever”…

“Backcountry Discovery Routes presents the Wyoming BDR. Traversing nearly 1000 miles over 8 awe inspiring sections, the all new route takes adventure riders into remote and wild territory – in the nations least populated state…


“Backcountry Discovery Routes has introduced a new route with free GPS tracks for the community every year since 2010. The BDR mission includes rider education, safety campaigns and promoting responsible motorcycle travel in the backcountry. The volunteer-powered organization works with agencies and land managers to keep trails and remote roads open for motorcycling. Each route generates new tourism that delivers sustainable economic relief to less-advantaged rural communities. This creates local advocates who will help fight to keep access for dual-sport and adventure motorcycles in these incredible backcountry areas.”Backcountry Discovery Routes

Support this community effort! Learn more about Backcountry Discovery Routes here

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