Video: Motorcycle Soft Luggage Security Tips and Giant Loop QuickLoop Security Cables

Motorcycle soft luggage security is a topic on many riders’ minds. Many fear that either their gear or the soft bags themselves are vulnerable to theft and we often get asked about soft luggage security options that work with Giant Loop soft luggage and other brands. There are many ways you can help to reduce the possibility of having your bags or camping gear stolen off of your motorcycle. In this video we’ll walk through some of our favorite soft luggage security tips. Soft luggage security is really about reducing crimes of opportunity and keeping honest people honest. Keeping your valuables on your or at least out of sight under a motorcycle cover is one great way to reduce soft luggage theft. Other more involved options include the steel mesh nets made by companies like PacSafe and our own Giant Loop QuickLoop Security Cables

Giant Loop QuickLoop Security Cables cables come in two sizes and are meant to secure both riding gear (like helmet and jacket) and your overall soft luggage kit to your motorcycle. The 84 inch cable is the perfect length to wrap around a passenger footpeg mount, through, over, or around your soft luggage, and then lock back to the passenger footpeg mount on the other side of the bike. Using this method, any number of soft luggage types can be quickly and easily secured to the bike. Our Siskiyou Panniers and Great Basin Saddlebag are specifically designed to work with cable and feature integrated sleeves to make securing your soft luggage to your motorcycle quick and easy…

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