This week’s Giant Loop video is a cool demo of GL universal fitment in action! A full rundown of our motorcycle adventure luggage setup on a Honda Grom out motocamping…

When we say Giant Loop motorcycle soft luggage is designed to work with just about any motorcycle — we mean it! Case in point, this Honda Grom Adventure build fully kitted out with Giant Loop soft luggage including a Giant Loop Great Basin Bag, Buckin’ Roll Tank Bag, Rogue Dry Bag and a ZigZag Handlebar Bag.  With Giant Loop bags, even the least adventure-y adventure bike can be transformed into a suitable vehicle for motorcycle camping and adventuring needs…

“I was able to carry all my motorcycle camping gear on my tiny 125cc Honda Grom and camp overnight in comfort and with confidence.If Giant Loop bags can transform even the tiny Honda Grom into a capable moto camping machine, just imagine what they can do for your dual sport, dirt bike or adventure motorcycle!” — Ben, Giant Loop

Giant Loop is always ready for adventure. We create adventure proof packing systems and gear for those who love to ride lighter, faster and farther. Whether you ride dual sport, enduro, dirt bikes or adventure motorcycles, Giant Loop’s rugged luggage systems go the distance! Specially designed to allow you to ride as hard and fast as you desire, GL’s soft luggage is a fantastic choice for all motorcycle adventures, no matter what they may be!

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