The Giant Loop Fender/Number Plate Bag: The Ultimate Waterproof, Rugged Fender Bag Motorcycle Option. One of the only fully waterproof, dustproof, mudproof, and snowproof fender bags available today, Giant Loop’s adventure proof version offers secure connections for most dirt bike plastics. When properly installed, it’s there to stay no matter what. Sized to fit a full length set of tire irons and other relatively small, lightweight essentials such as spare tube, CO2 inflator, spare gloves, and the like…

“The Fender/Number Plate Bag is an upgraded version of our Possibles Pouch, with all its great features including multiple daisy chain webbing lash points for additional mounting options.  This makes the Fender/Number Plate bag one of the most versatile and rugged smaller soft luggage options out there.” — Ben, Giant Loop

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