Video: Giant Loop With David Pearson and the American Rally Originals Dakar Malle Moto Team at AIM Expo 2022

By February 22, 2022March 10th, 2022Adventure Touring, Dualsport, Events, New Product, News, Overland, Riders, Tech Tips, UTV, Video

The Malle Moto class at Dakar is one of the most challenging and grueling races on the planet. Dave Pearson, Adventurist and friend of Giant Loop, is putting together a team of five American riders to tackle this unique challenge in 2023. We caught up with Dave at the 2022 American International Motorcycle Exposition (AIM Expo) and learned a ton about his team’s plan to train for and take on the 2023 Dakar race with each team member limited to only the supplies that can fit in an 80 liter trunk…

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