“Injured, Out of Water and Lost in the Alvord Desert” — our friends at Dork In The Road who brought us Day One and Day Two were barely keeping it together on Day Three. But all’s excellent that ends excellent! Check out their fantastic Day Three video from the Giant Loop 10th Annual Ride…  

“On Day 3 of the 2021 Giant Loop Ride, we were on a mission: to see and ride on the Alvord Desert. We woke up early, hopped on our Honda Africa Twins, and started the long adventure motorcycle ride around the Steens Mountains, past Mann Lake, and down the long gravel road to the Alvord Desert. After a few hours of riding our adventure bikes, we finally made it to the Alvord!

After spending some time enjoying the desert, we decided to take a more complicated route out through the south end of the Alvord, and that’s where things got interesting. All was good at first, but we encountered some deep sand, which is not at all fun on heavy adventure bikes, and I dropped my Africa Twin and got pinned underneath, injuring my ankle in the process. Thankfully Mclovin was there to lift the bike off of me and we continued on our adventure bike sand riding trek. Being lost in the desert with no water left is not a good feeling, but thankfully after some careful GPS adjustments and a bit of luck, we were able to get back to the main road and head to Fields Station for milkshakes, gas, food, and hydration.  

Afterward, he headed back to the Giant Loop Ride at Crystal Crane Hot Springs to enjoy the evening’s festivities including prize giveaways and hanging out with friends enjoying delicious beverages. Finally, on day 4 of the Giant Loop Ride, we packed up and headed home, but not until we said our goodbyes and heartfelt thank yous to the Giant Loop crew for putting on such an awesome event!” Dork In The Road

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