Giant Loop Ambassador and video guru Ben aka Dork In The Road is at it again with this week’s video — an overview of the 2022 Giant Loop Annual RideThis year was the 11th annual event, and it was the biggest rally we’ve had to date. Over 400 riders came out to ride, camp and hang. For seven years now the ride has taken place at Crystal Crane Hot Springs near Crane and Burns, Oregon. Riders have ample room to camp, soak in the hot springs, and explore the incredibly diverse riding conditions in this part of Oregon. You can take in the Alvord Desert, the forested areas near the Steens Mountains, or explore the great sandy plains, and you can do all three in the same day…

“We had a blast at the 2022 Giant Loop Ride! We’re incredibly proud of the success of our Oregon adventure motorcycle rally, and we hope you’ll consider joining us next year. Mark your calendars for The  Giant Loop Ride the first weekend in June, 2023!” –— Dork In The Road

Special thanks to Greg Samborski for some great drone footage and Travis of Explore Adventure Moto for the riding footage. Wheelies courtesy of B*U*STAY*U…

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Registration is open for the 12th Annual Giant Loop Ride June 1-4, 2023…

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