Our friends at Dork In The Road joined us in the Oregon backcountry for the Giant Loop Annual Ride and put together this fantastic video. Dig the amazing drone footage — what a day that was!

“Day 2 of the 2021 Giant Loop Ride was eventful to say the least.  After waking up way too early and taking a swim in the beautiful Crystal Crane Hot Springs, I sent my drone up to get some amazing morning footage of the camp and surrounding scenery.  Afterward, we headed down vendor row to the check in booth and met up with some awesome people along the way.  There were a ton of awesome people attending this year’s Giant Loop Ride including Jesse from That Plated Life, Laura Seaver, and Kris and Nathan from For the Love of Knobs.  After a great motorcycle camping morning, we hopped on the Honda Africa Twins and headed out to ride the reservoir loop.  This 50 mile dirt and gravel track took us up and around the nearby mountains and offered some amazing views of the nearby reservoir.  It was a great few hours of adventure motorcycle riding.  After our ADV bike riding adventure, we headed back to camp for happy hour beers, dinner, and the most nerve-wracking part of the whole trip for me: my presentation that night, entitled “Adventure is for EVERYONE, or Get Off Your Ass and Chase Your Dreams, Even if You’re Not Sure What They Are.”  The presentation went very well, and afterward I headed back to the tent for some much needed rest before day 3 of the 2021 Giant Loop Ride.” — Dork In The Road

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