Check out this photo taken by GL customer Doigy at the Kenya-Tanzania border on the shore of Lake Natron with Mt. Shompole in the background. The rear wheel of the bike is in Kenya, front wheel is in Tanzania!

GL customer Doigy on the Kenya-Tanzania border“I use your products on a regular basis and cannot fault them. In particular your Coyote Saddlebag is an awesome product. It fits on every motorbike I have ever tried it on. It has never come loose, ever, and 95% of my riding is rough off-road stuff. I’ve fallen off plenty of times and have yet to damage the saddlebag. This bag is clearly designed by bikers, for bikers. I’ve been riding motorbikes for 45 years and had numerous types and makes of luggage, and none have ever been able to take the punishment like what I have given the Coyote. None. And despite the thousands of kilometers of off road punishment, the bag still looks like new. Amazing! Well done to all of you at Giant Loop, makers of the world’s best saddlebag! Warmest Regards from Kenya, East Africa.” — Doigy

Amazing photo — thanks for riding with Giant Loop!


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