Giant Loop is a proud sponsor of the Dakota 600, The region’s premier off-road, fund-raising motorcycle trail ride. Proceeds from the ride are used to create and enhance motorcycle trails in the Western South Dakota and other western mountain states. Riders need to sign up during the window of February 15th to February 22nd. The ride always sells out…

Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag and Fandango Tank Bag at the Dakota 600

“Entry Applications are live on the website. Expansion from 40 to 50 riders allowing more to enjoy the experience. Application period will open the morning of February 15th and close 5pm, February 22nd. Applicants who were not successful last year will receive 4 chances in the lottery to improve their success rate. Group applications will be allowed. There are over 22 routes available, of which you will have time to ride only four. Guess that means you will just have to come back to get the rest! Whether you desire single track, dual sport, or adventure, there is a route just for you. Our goal at the Dakota 600 is to provide the best riding event you have ever experienced.”Dakota 600

An amazing event. Click here to find the website

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