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Tech Tip: Pronghorn Straps for Quick-Release Saddlebag and Pannier Mounts

By March 30, 2015FAQ, Tech Tips

Recently email from customer Tim:

Hello I bought your Great Basin Saddlebag, couldn’t be happier with it.
Do you sell or recommend a quick release system?
I have the bag snug and fitted to my bike. I’d like be able to get under the seat or take the whole bag indoors with me without undoing all the compression straps.
Any suggestions?

Compression straps aren’t intended for mounting. On the Great Basin Saddlebag and Siskiyou Panniers, the two side anchor straps and 1-3 rear anchor straps should do the trick.

We do not recommend quick-release options for the two side anchor straps, as an unintended release could be dangerous. It takes about two minutes to release the side anchor straps.

On the rear anchor(s), you can use our Pronghorn Straps for a clean quick-release solution:

Pronghorns Straps quick release solution for securing motorcycle soft luggage

Thread Pronghorn Strap through rear anchor thumb-lock fasteners on Great Basin Saddlebag and secure to tail rack, passenger handles or other solid mount point for a quick release and easy mounting solution.

Siskiyou Panniers motorcycle soft luggage with Pronghorn Straps

Pronghorn Straps work great on the Siskiyou Panniers’ rear anchors, speeding the process of mounting/dismounting