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Motolao - The Grey Elephant 5 Day Tour

Giant Loop Welcomes Motolao as an International Distributor

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Giant Loop Welcomes Motolao as an International Distributor

Motolao offers 1-14 day adventures on motorcycles and 4x4s in Laos. Their tours are offered to all abilities of rider with at least some dirt experience.

The terrain these tours go though is spectacular. It will make you start dreaming about your next international moto vacation. Winter is coming, after all.

Don’t see a video? Click here to be directed to Motolao’s You Tube Channel.

When they’re not guiding tours, the Motolao staff are putting Giant Loop gear through the paces, as muddy jungle tracks and river crossings are a regular occurrence on their personal rides.

Giant Loop gear getting tested hard in Laos

Jim, of Motolao puts the Giant Loop great Basin Saddlebag through the paces in on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.


Local transportation in Laos. Need more capacity? Motolao guide, Chris piggy-backs a Mojavi Saddle bag on a Coyote Saddlebag.

Local transportation in Laos. Need more capacity? Motolao guide, James piggy-backs a Mojavi Saddle bag on a Coyote Saddlebag.

We’re always excited to see our gear being used hard on the harshest of rides. We’re stoked to have Motolao on board to put it to test not just on their personal rides but in a rental setting where it is being used on multi-day trips over and over.


Giant Loop Rider in Laos

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Fandango Pro Tank Bag, Coyote Saddlebag, Rogue Dry Bag on long term service tour in Laos

“When you spend most of your time filthy with road dust and sleeping outside or on floors, you fully realize the luxury of seemingly basic things –such as ice, washing machines, and beds.

Apparently they used to ship ice from lakes in North America across the globe to refresh the beverages of the wealthy in India! Ice, especially with some carbonated water and lime, has become quite a treat for me these days.

Hand-washing clothing is not a problem when you can do a little each day, it is just when you haven’t had the ability and it accumulates that it becomes burdensome. I’ve scaled walls ninja-style to launder a load.

And beds, well beds are just utterly fantastic.

Consider this your humble reminder to appreciate these comforts and conveniences if you have them. ”

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Giant Loop Rider: Terence Is Riding “Anywhere But South”, In South East Asia With Great Basin Saddlebag

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Terence Tay has set out on a 15,000km, three month long journey from his home of Singapore. He has dubbed it “Anywhere But South” and the route travels through?Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia.
He is the first solo biker to travel through Myanmar and wrote in to say “”Btw, I’m officially the first rider to go at it alone in Burma, albeit with an escort car and tourism official (mandatory),”

His BMW F800GS is packed with a Great Basin Saddlebag and Fandango Tank Bag. He had this to say about his choice of luggage, in an?interview with AsiaOne,?before heading out on the adventure.
“…Mr Tay: “I have opted for soft panniers as they’re lightweight. Weight distribution can be placed closer to the centre of the bike to improve handling. Also, they will not bend out of shape in a crash…”

Follow Terence on his Facebook page.