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Giant Loop Torngat Tunnel Bag and Tracker Packer on the Grand Canyon

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Giant Loop Torngat Tunnel Bag and Tracker Packer on the Grand Canyon

“This spring I had the good fortune to spend 20 days in the Grand Canyon, rafting the Colorado River. On an expedition of that length in addition to ensuring you don’t run out of beer(we didn’t) or whiskey (we did), you want your gear to be durable and reliable.

I chose to take a Torngat Dry Bag as my smaller, accessible day bag. I kept all my extra clothing, drysuit, sun protection and snacks in it and the split interior helped me to organize and locate things easily. The multiple lash-down points on the exterior of the bag made it a favorite of the riggers – it was easy to get a good, solid cinch on the bag to ensure it stayed in the boat in even the gnarliest rapids. I also loved the reflective stripping on the bag which made it easy to locate (or not trip over) in the dark.

Morning rigging with the Torngat Tunnel bag at Nankoweap

Torngat Tunnel bag in the Grand Canyon

In addition to the Torngat I also took an assortment of saddlebag dry pods that that kept all my gear within my huge drybag sorted. The pods were great on the sandy and wet beach camps once the daily gear explosion happened when we got into camp.

Giant Loop Torngat bag at Nankoweap

Giant Loop Torngat bag at Nankoweap

Tracker Packer and PFD

Tracker Packer and PFD

Finally we took a Gen3 Spot and Tracker Packer  – mainly to check in daily with family especially my Google Earth-obsessed father but also as a back up to the satellite phone that was required by parks service.”


–Ingrid, Giant Loop Retail and Marketing Manager

Tracker Packer and Gen3 Spot on the Colorado River

Tracker Packer on the captain.

Tracker Packer and Gen3 Spot on the Colorado River

Tracker Packer and Gen3 Spot on the Colorado River

Giant Loop Rider: Charles Rides To Grand Canyon On KTM 450 EXC With Fandango Tank Bag Pro And Pannier Pockets

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Got some pics via email, of our Fandango Pro Tank Bag, with Pannier Pockets attached, out on the trail. These pics were taken by Giant Loop Rider, Charles, while riding his KTM 450 EXC in the Whitmore Wash, in the Grand Canyon.

He wrote:
“We all have GL?s or we couldn?t make these trips possible. We?ve tried other options and find that having the weight placed low on the bike and close to us as possible, helps. It allows us to carry gear and have fun while doing so. We were on the bikes for a total of 4 days, around 345 miles round trip.

My set-up worked flawlessly! And let me tell you, we rode some major rough terrain! Lava rock no smaller then the size of softballs for miles! All three GL?s stayed where I put them.

Fandango Pro-
Installed easily. Stayed put thru the trip. Having the two zippers on either side was the best, as i was able to pull it off and store in my tent without pulling straps! I also was able to keep important items in one location and take it with me easily. I used map compartment as we traveled several trails we?ve never traveled. It hailed on us twice and keep all contents dry. The concealed pocket was a total bonus!!

Pannier Pouches were amazing! I put two 1.89 Liter (1 extra gallon total) containers of fuel to extend the range on my moto! Carried the weight well without any issues, plus blocked some of the unexpected arctic winds/hail that we experienced on the trip out! I?m only 5?10, so I fit really well with them. My friend sat on my bike and he?s 6?6 and he still could have used them.

One of the guys has the newer Coyote Saddle Bag with the Cinch Ring Harness and he really liked it. Seemed to be a nice feature that he used to hold extra camping gear.

All said, all four of us love using your products. We are a no frills bunch who live in So-Cal and do a lot of 3-4 day trips into some very remote/rocky locations. We are hard on gear, and don?t like things to fail. Your products continue to impress us and keep us out where we want to be! Away from everyone else.”

Thanks for sharing your great story and pics,Charles!

Giant Loop Rider: Ged Overcomes SRD (Serious Ride Deficiency) on Grand Canyon Adventure

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Ged was itching to cure some SRD and decided that a trip to the Grand Canyon had just the right mix of dirt riding and fresh air, combined with some camping and good company, to do the job. He heard of a ride being coordinated by fellow ADVrider.com inmate, Bobz, and after reading the details posted by Bobz, he had to join the group:

“…”Some sand, some single track, some double track and we will be winding our way doing a loop around the Grand Canyon starting from Las Vegas and ending up there a week later. There will be crashes and everybody needs to be totally self-reliant ….carry everything you think you need….tools, tubes, water, camping gear and something to sip on around the fire at night….and bring a chair.” were his[Bobz] warnings….”

Sounds like it was a proper Giant Loop ride, Ged! Glad you guys had so much fun!!

CLICK HERE?to read more and see the rest of the great pics, in his thread and ride report on ADVrider.com.

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