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BikeBandit.com Overview of Giant Loop Motorcycle Soft Luggage

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BikeBandit.com Overview of Giant Loop Motorcycle Soft Luggage

Thank you Rob and the crew from BikeBandit.com for stopping by to visit us at our Bend, Oregon warehouse and showroom! We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our adventure proof packing systems and gear for motorcycles and our company’s history as a rider-owned grassroots startup.

“If you do your homework, you’ll find that Giant Loop is perhaps the most coveted and praised dual sport and off-road and adventure bike luggage company in the business. Their offerings include Tank Bags, Handlebar Bags, Saddlebags, Tail Packs, Fender Bags — all the way up to full Pannier Systems — that are second to none when it comes to design and construction.”

Thanks a million BikeBandit.com!

Maintaining & Cleaning Zippers on the Giant Loop Motorcycle Soft Luggage

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Maintaining & Cleaning Zippers on the Giant Loop Motorcycle Soft Luggage

Email from customer: “Hi, love my Coyote Saddlebag mounted on the KTM 500 EXC, but the downside to every trip I struggle with the zipper. Man I get pissed. Am I missing something? Any way to make it operate easier? Thanks, Cal”

Hello Cal,

Dang, sorry to hear your zipper is giving you fits. Keeping zippers clean and lubricate – and treating them with respect by not yanking or forcing zippers will keep them sliding smoothly and prevent you from bursting a blood vessel.

Some things to try:

  • Clean the zippers. Dirt and dust particles are usually the biggest challenges for zippers – just like the moving parts of your motorcycle engine. For the trail, pack some of our Zip Care™ Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant. When you’re trip is over, wash all of your Giant Loop motorcycle soft luggage using warm, soapy water, give it good rinse and let it air dry.
  • Lubricate the zippers. Use our Zip Care™ Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant. And in a pinch, a little soap, wax or even lip balm will help. Burt’s Bee’s Beeswax Lip Balm works great and is available at any drug store or grocery store.
  •  Manage the zippers. When you get into your Giant Loop Saddlebag, first roll the storm flap back out of the way, then roll the flap back over the zipper to keep it protected after you close the bag. Un-zip Possibles Pouches, Pannier Pockets and Tank Bag lids completely when accessing gear to avoid damaging zipper teeth.
  •  Respect the zippers. Avoid over packing. When your Giant Loop adventure proof packing systems are not stuffed drum tight, the zippers are much easier to manage. Consider using our Possibles Pouches, to add external pockets, or a Dry Bag to expand your Giant Loop Saddlebag or Panniers. Add the Pannier Pockets to Giant Loop’s Tank Bags. Compartmentalizing gear makes it easier to access the things you need during the day of riding and helps prevent the zippers from buckling from being tightly stuffed. Hold zipper halves together as you zip to prevent stressing the teeth.

If you’ve tried everything, then there is an outside chance that you got a defective zipper. If you think this is the case, please print, fill out and include a copy of the attached warranty and repair return form with your CLEAN bag. Use RMA # [today’s date]. If there is a defect, we will repair or replace your Giant Loop product at no charge to you.

Thank you for choosing Giant Loop for your adventures,
Team GL

giant loop camping

Giant Loop Complete Cooking System

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Whether you need the whole kit or just a few pieces, Giant Loop has you covered. The GL Cooking System Complete Kit includes these integrated components to provide an ultralight, super compact “go light, go fast, go far” camping culinary solution from the backyard to the backcountry.

gl cooking system complete kit31
GL Cooking System: Complete Kit

Alcohol Fuel BottleAlcohol Fuel Bottle

Vargo Converter Stove
Vargo Converter Stove – Titanium

Vargo Hexagon Wood Stove- Open
Vargo Hexagon Wood Stove – Titanium
vargo titanium flint lighter
Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter
Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask
Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask
Vargo Titanium spoon fork knife ULV
Vargo Titanium Knife, Fork & Spoon ULV
Vargo Titanium TI-Boiler
Vargo Titanium Ti-Boiler Cooking Pot + Pan

Giant Loop Rider: 50 States + 1 World Record = Danell Lynn

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Giant Loop Rider: 50 States + 1 World Record = Danell Lynn

danell lyn

GL rider Danell Lynn has earned the Guinness World Record for the Longest Journey by Motorcycle in a Single Country! She travelled over 48,000 miles over one year and is the first female solo rider to ever hold the record. Lynn rode her Triumph Bonneville equipped with Giant Loop’s Siskiyou Panniers, Fandango Pro Tank Bag, Zigzag Handlebar Bag, Possibles Pouch, Pronghorn StrapsRogue Dry Bag and Tillamook Dry Bag
You can read some articles about her trip in Cycle News and on Clutch & Chrome

Congratulations, Danell!

danell lynn

danel lynn


Giant Loop Camping Essentials

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Giant Loop Camping Essentials

David Schelske dual sport camping on KTM 500 EXC

David Schelske dual sport camping on KTM 500 EXC

At Giant Loop we’ve got you covered for all of your camping needs. Between headlamps, folding chairs, and survival kits, you’ll always be prepared when riding up to your campsite during either day or night. No matter where you’re going, Giant Loop helps you go light, go fast, go far.

Byte Headlamp
BYTE Headlamp

Featherlite First Aid Kit
FeatherLite™ First Aid Kit 2.0

Featherlite Survival Kit
FeatherLite™ Survival Kit 1.0

Joey Chair Joey Chair

Orion Tilt Hat Clip
Orion Tilt Hat Clip

Tenacious Tape Patches
Tenacious Tape™ Repair Patches

Zip Care

Jimmy Lewis Trusts Giant Loop Gear on His ‘Tour of Idaho’ Ride

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Jimmy Lewis Trusts Giant Loop Gear on His ‘Tour of Idaho’ Ride

tour of idaho giant loop
jimmy lewis giant loop 3

Famed dirt bike racer Jimmy Lewis (one of the few Americas to stand on the podium at the Dakar Rally) rides the notoriously technical Tour of Idaho equipped with Giant Loop gear. For this particular ride he’s got the Coyote Saddlebag and the Fandango Tank Bag. These aren’t the first Giant Loop products he’s used; check out his reviews for our other gear, such as the Zigzag Handlebar Bag, MoJavi Saddlebag, and the Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder.

You can find all of Jimmy’s information on his website: Motorcyclejazz.com

jimmy lewis giant loop 4

The Tour of Idaho is a 1400+ mile dirt road journey from Utah to British Columbia, designed for solo riders and small groups. Jimmy explains the ride on his website. The trail is for plated dirt bikes, not so much for dual sports, although there is a route available that is shorter and more dual sport friendly. “The Tour encompasses extremes of elevation (1,486′ to 10,420′) and climate. It crests 10,000′ three times and 9,000 feet a dozen times more. Technical challenges include mud, snow, extensive sections of technical single track, rocky trails, numerous water crossings and deep sand. Navigational issues abound. The Tour is in no way a casual undertaking. Yet the variety of plants, animals and geological features found along the way is amazing. The riding is varied, challenging and always interesting. It’s fun even when it’s really hard. If you are the type of person who feels comfortable rebuilding a bike in the middle of nowhere (with a bear watching) or lashing logs together to cross a swollen creek, the Tour may be for you.”

jimmy lewis giant loop 2

There is a 45-minute video documentary of the ride, but it is not available for public viewing just yet. You can check out his YouTube channel for other great videos until the new one is released.

Dirtbike Test has a short article about the ride as well, where the video may be available for some.

Thanks Jimmy Lewis for trusting Giant Loop on your journey!

Jimmy Lewis Giant Loop

1000 Miles of Nor Cal Twisties on Honda CB500X Level 2 Bike

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1000 North of Nor Cal Twisties on Honda CB500X Level 2 Bike

Giant Loop rider, Juan, documents his ride through 1000 miles of Northern California Twisties on the new Rally Raid CB500X ‘Level 2’ bike for a nice shakedown cruise through some of the best that Northern California has to offer. Here’s the first part of his trip:

Juan on his way back from the “1000 Miles of Northern California Twisties” route evaluating the Rally Raid CB500X Level 2 configuration as a ‘sport touring’ platform:
Check out the rest of Juan’s videos HERE!

Happy Customer, Curtis, Shares Husqvarna Supermoto 701 Travel Shots

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Happy Customer, Curtis, Shares Husqvarna Supermoto 701 Travel Shots

We recently had an email dialogue with a Giant Loop customer who wanted to share his enthusiasm about our products! Thank you for the kind words, Curtis, we’re glad you like our stuff!

“Hahah! LIKE is an understatement! I LOVE my Coyote Saddlebag! I love my Possibles Pouches! I’ve never had such a comfortable set of gear to ride with (and on at times!). I almost pity the person who asks me about them – little do they realize they are about to get blasted with excitement and enthusiasm! I’ve traveled on a bunch of different bikes and a bunch of different styles of bags and nothing comes close to the way the giant loop bag: a) keeps the center of gravity low, b) keeps the gear secure, c) keeps the gear protected. I’ve learned the hard way about A and always knew B was essential and Giant loop does C with style! (I love my dry-roll bags!) I’ve never felt safer carrying 40lbs of camping, food and clothing NOT to mention I can sit on top of the damn thing when I need a change of position!

curtis 1

curtis 2

curtis 3

Giant Loop Tech Tip: Installing Fandango/Diablo Tank Bag on BMW 1200GS

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Giant Loop Tech Tip: Installing Fandango/Diablo Tank Bag on BMW 1200GS

On some of the BMW GSs and other adventure touring and dual sport bikes, cleanly installing Giant Loop’s Fandango/Diablo Tank Bag requires a couple of extra steps. GL rider Whitney shared these pics and comments about routing straps on his BMW R1200GS:

Fandango/Diablo installation on BMW 1200GS

“Here are two pics of the original fandango mounted on my 05 R1200GS.”

Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebag and Fandango Tank Bag on BMW R1200GS

“I run the straps under the leading edge of the seat and down to the frame.”

Fandango Tank Bag harness strap on left side of BMW 1200 GS

Fandango strap right

“The left side is a tight fit, but I am able to shove the strap through.”

Once the straps are threaded through the BMW 1200 GS’s frame seat rails, leave them loose and pulled together in the middle of the bike. Then replace the seat and tighten straps. Once the harness is installed it can stay on the bike.

Don’t forget to install Vinyl Protective Film to keep your bike’s shiny gloss coat from getting scuffed underneath the Fandango/Diablo Harness.

Customer Mark from Washington State says there’s too much stuff under the seat of his BMW GS Adventure, so he’s routed the strap down to his trellis frame, which makes for an easy installation:

fandango tank bag on BMW GSA

Giant Loop Rider, Wendi, Rides Badlands on KLR with Coyote Saddlebag

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Giant Loop Rider, Wendi, Rides Badlands on KLR with Coyote Saddlebag

Found in the archives and still valuable, Wendi wrote to tell us about her experience fitting her GL Coyote Saddlebag onto a KLR and riding Badlands. Thanks Wendi!

KLR Coyote

“Hello Harold,

Thank you for the information on your bags.

While purchased for my DRZ, I did use my GL Coyote bag on my larger KLR for a trip to the badlands last week and it worked great!

I also wanted to let you know that I can’t say enough about the durability of this bag. I am new to dirt riding and have been down numerous times on dirt, gravel, sand, etc, and my bag has no damage at all and doesn’t show any wear yet. I am so impressed with that, so a huge thanks for a great product.

Here’s a couple of pics of my awesome GL Coyote on both of my bikes. Works great – looks cool!

Thanks again,


DRZ coyote

Giant Loop Round the World Panniers – Motorcycle Soft Luggage

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Giant Loop owner, Harold Olaf Cecil, explains the features of the new Round The World Panniers, Giant Loop’s 90+ liter alternative to aluminum panniers and hard luggage for motorcycles. Designed for adventure touring and backcountry dual sport travel – as well as motorcycle touring and motorcycle commuting – these feature rich, ultra rugged, stable, lightweight soft panniers mount to virtually any motorcycle luggage rack with flat, vertical sides using the rack manufacturer’s hardware.

Mounting hardware is not included, so riders can choose the best option for their luggage rack system. Giant Loop offers the Touratech Mounting Pucks, which fit most racks constructed of 18mm tubing, as well as the Happy Trails Pannier Mount Kits, which fit racks with a variety of flat and round tubing in an array of sizes.

Touratech Pannier Mounting Kit
Happy Trails Pannier Mounting Kit

Round The World Panniers™ combine rack-mounted convenience with the benefits of soft luggage for long haul adventure motorcycle travelers. Waterproof, lightweight, super stable and built to take the punishment of off-road riding, the Round The World (RTW) Panniers deliver 90+ liters of packable volume and weigh just 13 pounds. Main compartment rolls closed, additional gear can be secured to outside of Panniers with compression wings, and two huge pockets (one roll-top, one open top with draw cord) provide quick access to essentials. Includes two waterproof inner liner Dry Pods.

Go light! Go fast! Go far!

NEW! Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes

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NEW! Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes

Introducing Giant Loop’s newest addition, Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes. This 12 pack of fire starters can help getting even damp sticks and twigs to burn in a flash in the Vargo Titanium Hexagon Wood Stove or a campfire. Or pair with the GL Cooking System’s multi-fuel Vargo Titanium Converter Stove, which burns denatured alcohol on one side and flips over to burn Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes, for the perfect motorcycle camping cooking set up. Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes are also a great addition to the adventure traveler’s emergency kit, providing a quick fire starter option if you need to light a campfire in challenging windy or damp conditions. However you choose to use your fuel cubes, know that you can have a dependable fire starter in almost any situation.

Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes
Giant Loop Cooking System
Vargo Titanium Converter Stove
Vargo Titanium Hexagon Wood Stove

gl fuel

Giant Loop Customers Travel San Diego to Cabo and Back on Honda XR650Ls

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Giant Loop Customers Travel San Diego to Cabo and Back on Honda XR650Ls

A happy customer, Brad Davis, sent us an update on his recent trip to Baja with his friend. They used the Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag and the Rubber Boa Straps on their trip across deserts and dunes. Here’s what he says:4[1]

“Our Baja trip was the best vacation I have ever taken. Just two guys on Honda XR650L’s riding from San Diego to Cabo and back. We did 2,200 miles over nine days. The Coyote Saddlebags functioned amazingly and were able to carry everything we needed to camp and live for the entire trip. The bags carry weight well and did not noticeably affect how the bike handled. The Rubber Boa Straps were extremely useful and were perfect for carrying a quart of oil or a bottle of tequila.

The trip got better and better every day. We spent one night in a palapa on the beach in San Felipe. We hit 95mph on the salt flats going to Scorpion Bay (the XR wouldn’t go any faster). We rode with the Dessert Assassins Rip to Cabo on a rough section of trail into La Paz. We partied with Playboy models in Cabo. We camped deep in the sand dunes outside of Guerrero Negro. We got lost trying cross the desert at night. And finally made it back to San Diego without any major issues and some great memories.



NEW! Giant Loop Lift Strap

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NEW! Giant Loop Lift Strap

The Giant Loop Lift Strap securely attaches to the fork tubes and tail of dirt bikes and dual sport motorcycles – as well as snow bikes! – providing a sturdy grab handle to help tug, pull or lift the motorcycle through those tough spots on the trail when you need a little boost over an obstacle or out of mud hole. Constructed of durable nylon webbing and a comfortable molded rubber handle, the Giant Loop Lift Strap also makes an excellent carry handle for motorcycle panniers and hard luggage. The Giant Loop Lift Strap and Giant Loop Tow Strap are must-haves for your adventure touring motorcycle safety kit: Simple tools that can make big problems much easier to manage.

Giant Loop Lift Strap
Giant Loop Tow Strap


Giant Loop Tow Strap

Giant Loop Tow Strap

Sebastian Mangino Tours Argentinia’s Deserts on his KTM 530 EXC

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Sebastian Mangino Tours Argentinia’s Deserts on his KTM 530 EXC

We received some emails from one of our happy customers, Sebastian Mangino from Argentina, who is touring the deserts of South America, using the Klamath Tail Rack Pack and the MoJavi Saddlebag on his KTM 530 EXC. Thanks for the updates, Sebastian!

“Hola, cómo están, hacen unos días que estoy recorriendo el desierto de ” Encon” en la provincia de ” Mendoza” en Argentina ( huellas del Dakar) es un desierto de 2500 km de extensión, muy lindo, la giant loop sorportaron todo espinas enormes, agua y arena. Conforme siga el viaje le seguiré enviando fotos. Muy confiables sus productos.
Muchas gracias”

Hello, how are you, this is one of the days I toured the Econ Desert in the Mendoza province of Argentina (crossing paths of the Dakar Rally Raid). It’s a  very beautiful 1550 mile desert, and the Giant Loop packs [Klamath Trail Rack Pack and MoJavi Saddlebags] survived thorns huge, water and sand. As I follow the journey I will continue sending photos. Very reliable products.
Thank you


“Good day, I commented that the Mojavi Saddlebag and Klamath Trail Rack Pack resisted stones, mud, water and sand, and had no problem. You make a very reliable product, thank you very much. The photos are from “Pampa de las Salinas” and “Desert of Lavalle” ”


NEW! Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder Kit

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NEW! Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder Kit

You can now purchase the Fast Funnel Professional Disposable Fuel Funnel as part of the Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder Kit to keep things clean and simple when fueling up between pit stops. The Fast Funnels are a new addition to our line, coming in a pack of three, disposable, folded, paper funnels. They work perfectly with our Fuel Safe Bladder which holds a gallon of gas in a small, pillowed pouch that can be easily stored after use while taking up minimal space. Now available as the Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder Kit, which includes 2 sets of Giant Loop’s adventure proof 26″ Pronghorn Straps plus a 3-Pack of Fast Funnel Professional Disposable Fuel Funnels.

Fast Funnel Professional Disposable Fuel Funnel
Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder
Pronghorn Straps

gas bag



Coyote Saddlebag on KTM 1190 Adventure R in New Zealand

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Coyote Saddlebag on KTM 1190 Adventure R in New Zealand

20160606_104907_resized (1)
“Hi guys
I just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks for designing and making such a great product. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and ride a KTM 1190 Adventure R. About a month ago I went on a 4 day ride using your Coyote Saddlebag – this bag is simply awesome. I followed the instructions I found on your website regarding moving the passenger handles and replacing them with a spacer and they worked perfectly. The bag sits so nice and tight on the bike, it did not move at all and felt really secure. I’ve always preferred soft luggage, but with other systems I felt that I was constantly checking to see if it was still on the bike and hadn’t come loose, with the giant loop coyote I didn’t have to worry about whether the gear was coming loose or worse – falling off completely. It didn’t rain whilst we were away but I have no doubts about the water tightness of this system.
I’ve attached a pic – its not the best pic but you’re a free to use if it you wish. This pic was taken on the west coast of the south island of New Zealand.
Thanks again for making such a quality product – I’ll definitely be recommending this to others and can’t wait to get out and use it again.
Brendan Daly”

Thanks Brendan for the kind words, we’re thrilled you love the bags!
Check out the Coyote Saddlebags

and the KTM 1190 Passenger Handle Removal Spacer Kit (set of 4)

NEW! Footmans Loop Anchor Kit

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NEW! Footmans Loop Anchor Kit

Footmans Loop Anchor Kit

Giant Loop’s new Footmans Loop Anchor Kit is like an ultra-light tail rack for your enduro or dual sport motorcycle!

Giant Loop’s new Footmans Loop Anchor Kit is a simple, affordable, universal way to add solid anchor points for webbing straps to motorcycles, snow bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs and 4x4s. Giant Loop’s Footmans Loop Anchor Kit is especially handy for creating lash points to secure our MoJavi Saddlebag and Coyote Saddlebag to late model KTM EXCs, Husqvarna FEs and other dual sport and dirt bikes that use an under fender support that prevents the fender hooks on our Saddlebags from from getting a good purchase on the fender edge.

Giant Loop’s Footmans Loop Anchor Kit includes 2 anodized black footmans loops, 4 flat washers, 4 locking nuts (8mm) and 4 aluminum M5x20mm button head bolts (3mm allen).

Check out the Footmans Loop Anchor Kit

And for alternatives to fender hooks, check out this tech tip blog post!

Footmans Loop Anchor Kit

Each Footmans Loop Anchor Kit contains the following: 2 – 1.5″ black anodized Footmans Loop anchors 4 washers 4 aluminum button head bolts M5x20mm button head bolts (3mm allen) 4 locking nuts (8mm)

Giant Loop Adventure Proof Packing Systems and Gear for Motorcycles featured in Tucker Rocky’s Transmission Dealer Magazine

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Giant Loop Adventure Proof Packing Systems and Gear for Motorcycles featured in Tucker Rocky’s Transmission Dealer Magazine

Giant Loop's USA distributor Tucker Rocky spotlights our adventure proof packing systems and gear.

Giant Loop’s USA distributor Tucker Rocky spotlights our adventure proof packing systems and gear.

Thanks to Giant Loop’s USA distributor Tucker Rocky for devoting a full page in the current issue of their  Transmission dealer magazine to Giant Loop Adventure Proof Packing Systems and Gear for Motorcycles featured in Tucker Rocky’s Transmission Dealer Magazine. The “New and Exclusive” section of this month’s issue features a cross-section of Giant Loop’s core product line of motorcycle soft luggage and gear for dual sport motorcycles, including the Diablo Pro Tank Bag (oops! printed as ‘Pro Tank Bag’), Fandango Pro Tank Bag, Pronghorn Straps, Hot Springs Heat Shield exhaust shield, Zigzag Handlebar Bag, Tillamook Dry Bag and MoJavi Saddlebag (oops! photo shown is our Ochoco Enduro Tail Pack, which is optional with the 2016 MoJavi Saddlebag). All these products are perfect for any dirt bike, dual sport, sport or adventure motorcycle, as well as snow bikes, snowmobiles and even ATVs and UTVs (the highlight of this issue of Tucker Rocky’s Transmission). Our products are durable and stable enough for many outdoor pursuits, so we encourage customers to use our bags and gear on all of these vehicles. If you’re using your Giant Loop product on something other than a motorbike, shoot us an email with a picture for future blog posts! Thanks again to Tucker Rocky’s Transmission magazine for the kind words and full page feature. Powersports dealers in the USA can order Giant Loop products directly from us, or simply add them to your next Tucker Rocky order.

All of these Giant Loop products are currently in stock and ready to ship!:

Diablo Pro Tank Bag
Fandango Pro Tank Bag
Pronghorn Straps
Hot Springs Heat Shield
Zigzag Handlebar Bag
Tillamook Dry Bag
Klamath Tail Rack Pack
MoJavi Saddlebag

Tucker Rocky Transmission Magazine features Giant Loop

Tucker Rocky Transmission Magazine features Giant Loop

NEW! Scorpion Serket Taper Exhaust for Honda CB500 X/F/R

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NEW! Scorpion Serket Taper Exhaust for Honda CB500 X/F/R

The Scorpion Serket Taper Exhaust fits Honda CB500F, Honda CB500R and Honda CB500X models, delivering a 1.1 HP gain, a 3.7 lb weight savings and only a slight increase of 1.5 dB in noise versus the large, heavy stock exhaust on the Honda CB500. It also eliminates the stock flared exhaust shield, which can be in the way of riding boots. The Scorpion Serket Taper Exhaust features a unique precision formed, 6-facet profile and an aerospace derived multi-composite ‘Claw Contoured’’ outlet. The Scorpion Serket Taper Exhaust also features a tempered/fused sleeve seam with compression coined ends and a GP-style double spring mount for easy “slip-on” installation. The Scorpion Serket Taper Exhaust is available in Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber and Titanium models.

Ride with confidence knowing that Scorpion Exhausts offers a Customer Damage Guarantee: crash and damage the Scorpion Serket Taper Exhaust, and they will offer a 50% discount on a replacement.

• Available in Brushed Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber and Titanium
• Stainless mid-pipe
• Precision formed 6-facet profile
• Tempered/fused sleeve seam
• GP-style “slip on” double spring mount

scorpion serket taper exhaust honda cb500 titanium

scorpion serket taper exhaust honda cb500 titanium

scorpion serket taper exhaust for honda cb500 carbon fiber 379

scorpion serket taper exhaust for honda cb500 carbon fiber 379

scorpion serket taper exhaust for honda cb500x carbon fiber 379

scorpion serket taper exhaust for honda cb500x carbon fiber 379

Giant Loop Rider: Simone Prepares For His Ride To Manupuner, Russia

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Manpupuner Express
By Simone Canizzo


In collaboration with Giant Loop Motorcycle Packing Systems, Caberg Helmets and Rieju Motorcycles

The journey
I admit that the idea of ??reaching this remote place on the Ural Mountains is not mine, but of Nicholas Codognola the editors of Motorcycle Racing, which has also provided the logo of the shipment. In front of a sandwich (biker …) tells me about this mystical place, difficult to reach and even to be found on maps. It then performs the grave mistake of showing it on his smartphone, along with other information gathered by them in turn when he discovered its existence.

As always, the trips are born from the desires for me, and these are completely free to wander through my brain lobes, with a guarantee of absolute impunity.

And here I am, about two months later, to have simply decided that I want to go there and get to the nearest place where you can put the wheels.

manu map

The journey is divided into two parts: the first 95% and the remaining measly 5%.

For the second part I could take much longer than the first.

Indicatively, the path included in the first 95% will be:

? Italy
? Austria (Graz and Vienna)
? Slovakia (visit the main castles and tents pitched in national parks)
? Romania (“Transylvania, Transylvania station …”)
? Moldova (Republic of Transnistria and of the self-crossing: For years I want their money with a hammer and sickle, impossible to change or spend elsewhere if not in their status as the largest municipality of Pavia)
? Ukraina
? Russia (Moscow) certification that the girlfriend returns to Italy with a comfortable airliner, big sigh and departure to the East

Last 5%:

The Manpupuner is located in a natural park, so it is possible that I am able to bring the vehicle under one of the giants of stone.

However, it makes a difference which side you look at the lens.

The park of the Pechora-Ilyc extends primarily to the west of the site, thus obliging the reckless rider, after a journey of about 1000 km due east from Moscow, to leave the beloved zigzag through mud, rocks and curves not reported for a boat first and then just walk away. Respectively, are 250 kilometers to go on a boat up the river, then venture into the jungle for another 40 strictly on foot.

That’s interesting. vPer? ….

I have found that a climber has reached (and climbed …) one of the giants coming from the south, passing over Ekateryneburg and reaching Ivdel. The essay is then activated a GPS tracker, saving the path to the plateau. 200 miles to go, but overlaying the track to Google Maps, you can see the trails that are very close to Manpupuner, to the edge of the park, just 6 kilometers from the rock formations.

manu mud

The idea is then to arrive from the south and grapple in the 200 miles of mud, river crossings and forest to get up to on two wheels where possible.
Then tie the bike to a tree, make a full day of hiking to reach the place longed for, take a terabyte of photos, go back to the bike, turn it, give it gas for 5000 miles to the view of the East Freeway

All of this is independent of the total lack of clear information about the possibility of facing “legally” the road to the north of Ivdel until Manpupuner. But “legally”, in Russia, it is an elastic term.


One of the most challenging aspects is the part to drive over Ivdel, since I would not be the first to deal with it in motion, but you will find all the information about recommended to go as part of a shipment and a support vessel, immediately behind, to carry food and water. And gasoline.

manu mud bike

Climber on the map indicate the points where you can stock up on water, I’ll see how the rest get organized before leaving the dirt road toward the plateau.

manu river road

Also, after about 100 miles, you will cross a place where many years ago a group of experienced climbers found dead in order to say the least original: without language, almost without clothes even though it was February, escaped from the tents hastily cutting them from ‘interior with numerous fractures and interior with no signs of bruising. The friendly event is easily readable even on Wikipedia at this link …… and the way that I will go there exactly in the middle.


The trip, the photos and the post will be re-launched on ………

I have with me Canon professional products, two action cam, Caberg helmets and equipment Giant Loop.

Will be published daily on a post on a platform to define, spread via Twitter with a special hashtag, some pictures and a video pill (without editing) every 1 or 2 days.

Will be given the space to the impressions of a passenger, female, who until two years ago was convinced that the adventure was “anything more than Bordighera.” And always on four sturdy wheels.

The partners will be able to resume the materials on any media (traditional or electronic).

At the end of the trip, will produce a mini-documentary about the expedition of about 15 minutes, spread over the network through institutional channels Youtube.
the half

They are known to be an avid 50ini, but in this case I really could not help but add a few cubic centimeters, given the presence of a passenger to Moscow. The choice fell on the Tango 250, kindly provided (with a mountain of proxies translated into 15 languages ??included) to Rieju Italy.

manu bike

It ‘an appropriate means for the length of the journey and for that last 5%?

Obviously, no. And that’s why I like it.

who are they:

My name is Simon, I have worked in IT for about 15 years but with an eye often turned to the engineering of corporate events and their management (ING Direct, MV Agusta, DHL are just some of my clients).

When I stopped on the role of my first life, I found myself driving on 2 or 4 wheels, making travel increasingly long and increasingly less appropriate to the means used. Just to name a few, on 4 wheels I made a trip from Milan to Ulanbatoor with a Citroen AX, from Milan to Tokyo with a Fiat Uno and from Milan to Sydney with a Fiat 500. Staying on love 2 wheels, as well as traveled in throughout Europe, I made a trip to Morocco and South Africa-Egypt with a Honda Africa Twin 750 and went up in Kazakhstan via Russia and returning to Iran. Turning to small cubage, I went to Milan to Dakar with a Honda SH 50. My business is probably more interested in what was done between 2011 and 2012: from Cape Horn to Alaska with a Beta RR 50cc. 36.260 kilometers that I have earned the Guinness World Record for the longest journey ever made by the means of most small displacement.

The report of the Fuego2ice, the name of the last company, has been published extensively in the journal Motorcycling, on their official website and on my blog (with about 32,000 active members) connected to the Facebook group.

The event gave a tangible visibility and constant, for about 9 months, the partners and sponsors of the project (Betamotor, Toucan, Arai, Canon, Ber Racing, Ceva to name a few) through the press and social networks.

Giant Loop Fitment: New Giant Loop Quick Reference Chart For Easy Gear Selection

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We have been working on a couple tools for selecting the right Giant Loop products for each bike type.

First, we?added “Shop By Bike Type” quick links on our?homepage.

Second, check out our new 2014 Giant Loop product comparison chart, covering our entire line.

This handy guide can be used to determine which Giant Loop bag or accessory, primarily fits which kind of bike, plus lists the part number and specs for each model.

Chuck our artist, made these cool “non-brand specific bike” icons for the application chart. ?;-)

adventure motorcycledirt bike dual sport enduro

Click on the chart to see it full size or hit this link to download a copy for your reference.