Siskiyou Panniers Reviewed

Great first impressions from Roy at Motorcycle Gear Hub… 

“GL — Shooting you a quick email as I published an article on my website with my first impressions of the Siskiyou Panniers after having inspected them and gone through their features. I’ll be publishing a more detailed review after extensive testing and taking them touring.

click here for McG’s Siskiyou Panniers review

Siskiyou Panniers

“I’ve pretty much been blown away by the quality and functionality of the Siskiyou panniers. And the article certainly reflects that.

Siskiyou Panniers

“On another note, I really look forward to also reviewing the Great Basin Saddlebag and Tillamook Dry Bag! Many thanks and best regards.”  — Roy Lopez, Motorcycle Gear Hub

Thanks for the kind words, Roy — we hope to hear more from you soon!

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