Ryan McFarland on Rider Magazine Insider Podcast

Looks like the founder of Strider Bikes rides with a Giant Loop Tank Bag! Give a listen to Rider Magazine Insider Podcast: Ep. 23 featuring Ryan McFarland, founder and CEO of Strider Bikes and All Kids Bike advocate…

“Our guest is Ryan McFarland, the founder and CEO of Strider Bikes, a company whose mission is to build lightweight, efficient, all-terrain bikes that develop two-wheeled balance, coordination, and confidence in children. McFarland built the first Strider Bike in his garage for his son, Bode. The company was founded in Rapid City, South Dakota, in 2007, and since then has sold more than 3 million bikes to families around the world. In 2014, the company established the Strider Rider Fund, which commits 1% of gross revenue to benevolence. In 2018, the Strider Education Foundation launched All Kids Bike, a nonprofit whose mission is to teach every child in America how to ride a bike in kindergarten PE class. As we all know, when you learn to ride a bike when you’re young, you’re more likely to graduate to a motorcycle when you get older!”Rider Magazine Insider

Listen to the Rider Magazine Insider podcast available on Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud…

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