Video: MAD TV Interview With Giant Loop Ambassador Paolo Catteneo

Here’s an excellent interview by Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV with motorcycle adventurer and Giant Loop Ambassador Paolo Catteneo

“Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV catches up with round the world motorcycle adventurer Paolo Cattaneo. Paolo has been on his journey for seven years and travelled extensively in the Americas, Europe and Australia. Paolo is a KTM Ambassador for the 890 model. Now he’s back in Australia on a KTM890 with his sights set on circumnavigating Tasmania before hopefully heading to New Zealand and then onto Japan, Russia and west back to Europe. A laid back interview that covers a broad range of topics for motorcycle adventure enthusiasts, from traction control on the 890, through to packing tips and Chris Birch extreme KTM1190 videos and tips for international motorcycle adventure.MAD TV

Paolo is the man! Find his youtube channel here…

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