Riding in Beautiful Moab

Make your voice heard! As a powersports trail rider of Moab, Utah — now is the time to speak up. Many trails built, maintained and paid for by powersports users are part of a proposed permanent trail closure…

photo by @moto_lara

Go to the Bureau of Land Management website — click the green boxes that say “Participate Now” and follow the submission process. Submissions are open until April 26, 2021. Urge the Bureau of Land Management to keep this wonderful area open and share the link with anyone who enjoys riding in the beauty that is Moab!

“It’s important to mention the trail names specifically in your comment, as anything that’s not addressed could be closed. Also important to mention any camping in the area that you want to see saved! A couple motivating points about why these trails should be kept also include: the OHVs contribution to the local economy and the financial contribution via our OHV sticker purchases!”Anna Baklund, Giant Loop Ambassador

Thank you Anna for being part of the GL global family. Read Anna’s Twisted Throttle, listen to her interviewed on the Bend Motorcycle Adventures Podcast and follow her on Instagram

Go light. Go fast. Go far!

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