Rally Raid Products Honda CB500 Production Update

Rally Raid Products Honda CB500 Production Update

From Rally Raid:

Good News, we have started production of rear hubs!!

We thought that you would like to know the latest news from Rally Raid Products and the CB500 project. Some of you will be eagerly awaiting the news that we will be ready to start taking orders on our Level 1 and Level 3 Adventure Kits, with wheels in both black and gold. Giant Loop will now have a small number available, with more to follow.

Earlier in the year we took the decision to stop taking orders for the wheel kits. Honestly, we just couldn’t keep up the orders, the hubs were taking far too long to manufacture, and were taking all our machining time for other Honda and KTM billet products.

We have invested in a CNC lathe that will manufacture the hubs in a 1/3 the time they were taking on the CNC milling machine, thus freeing up the milling machine for triple clamps, bar risers, top clamps and all the other billet parts that we design and make in house at Rally Raid Products

We will be at the UK HUBB Meeting form the 16th – 19th June, hoping to meet some of you there, Jenny Morgan will be there to talk about her recent trip to the US with Giant Loop’s Harold Olaf Cecil and Juan Browne the maker of so many You Tube videos on the Honda CB500X.

Read Jenny Morgan’s thread “Once upon a time in the west – the CBXpo Ride 2016” on ADV Rider here.

Rally Raid Products Honda CB500X Adventure

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