Touratech 2 Liter Spare Fuel Canister

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Touratech 2 Liter Spare Fuel Canister

Product Description

These super-tough Touratech 2-liter gas cans fit perfectly in the side pockets of the MoJavi Saddlebag, the top middle of the MoJavi Saddlebag and the front pockets of the Siskiyou Panniers. No more gas pains! Perfect for carrying pre-mixed 2-stroke gas – or that extra half gallon or more of fuel range needed for backcountry exploration. Approved fuel container can be filled at any gas station.

Specs & Features

• High density PE plastic
• Suitable for E10 ethanol blend fuel
• Opening large enough for fuel station gas nozzle
• Dimensions: approx. 8.5″ tall, 6″ wide, 3.5″ thick
• Filler neck is 1.25″ tall
• Filler opening is 1-1/8″ diameter
• Made in Germany


Compatible with Giant Loop’s Siskiyou Panniers and MoJavi Saddlebag.
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