Snow Recovery Strap


WORKS GREAT FOR DIRT BIKES TOO! When a snow machine gets stuck, a couple of tugs with the Snow Recovery Strap helps inch it out of the hole. Girth hitches around snowmobile or snow bike ski when in use. Packs up into your pocket for handy access while riding. Expend minimum energy – and avoid sweating out – while getting your machine un-stuck. Essential kit for every snow rider.

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Snow Recovery Strap for snow bikes = pocket size pulling power!

Don’t sweat out and have a heart attack pulling snow bike or snowmobile out of a hole! Our tough little Snow Recovery Strap easily stuffs into a pocket, providing a quick, easy force multiplier to extract snow machines a few inches at a time, using minimal muscle power and exertion.

Length: 47″
Material: 5/8″ nylon webbing
Construction: two bar-tacked webbing loops
Made in USA