Seal-A-Spare™: Vacuum Sealed IRC Spare Motorcycle Inner Tubes – 20% OFF REMAINING STOCK

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Every motorcycle rider should carry at least one spare inner tube, regardless of whether the tires are tube-type or tubeless. When space is tight, carry just the front inner tube, which can be stuffed into the rear tire as a temporary fix. For spares, we choose lightweight, packable standard inner tubes vs. hefty, bulky “heavy duty” inner tubes, and we vacuum seal them to protect the rubber. Pair with MotoPressor Pocket Pump and Motion Pro Combo Tire Levers and Adaptors for a comprehensive tube-type and tubeless motorcycle tire repair solution that packs into a waterproof Possibles Pouch.


Seal-A-Spare: Vacuum Sealed IRC Spare Motorcycle Inner Tubes

Product Description

Compact and light yet durable, IRC inner tubes make a perfect spare for every motorcyclists travel kit. We vacuum seal each tube to reduce its packed size, protect it from scuffing and reduce exposure to oxygen, which degrades rubber over time.

Purchase with a Motion Pro Combo Tire Lever and a  MotoPressor Puncture Repair Tool to cover all your flat repair needs.

Specs & Features

  • T4 size valve
  • Approx Weight – 1lb 4oz
  • 17″ – 110/100-17M, 4.00/4.50-17M, 4.60/5.10-17M
  • 18″ – 110/100-18M, 130/80-18M, 140/80-18M, 4.00/ 4.50-18M, 4.60/5.10-18M
  • 19″ – 110/90-19M, 120/80-19M, 120/90-19M
  • 21″ –  80/100-21M, 90/100-21M, 90/90-21M, 2.75/3.00-21M


Fits These Models

adventure motorcycledirt bike dual sport enduro


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